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Dream Weaver by the artists label Fannie Faivre

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This scarf Fragmented Mind makes a fabulous present with the artist's label attached sharing the story of the artist and their artwork. 

SIZE: 200 x 70 cm

ARTIST: Fannie Faivre

This scarf was designed by French artist Fannie Faivre and you can wear it as a head scarf, sarong or shawl.

I’m an artist and mother of two that moved 10 years ago away from France and ended up in Sweden, living by the sea in the countryside. My life as a woman and the landscapes I have encountered in my migration color my artworks. I do paintings, textile design and performances. My dream would be to live only from my work as an artist because I feel I have so much to share.

THE ARTWORK: Dream Weaver

This scarf is created in collaboration with a network of artists from all corners of the globe.  Stunning artworks are digitally printed on to a finely woven plant derived Viscose Modal, which is incredibly soft and drapes beautifully when worn.  

LABEL: The artist’s label attached to each scarf tells the Artist’s & their artworks story. Complete any outfit with this beautiful wearable artwork. Complete any outfit with this beautiful wearable artwork.

FABRIC: Plant derived Viscose and Modal are blended to create the softest scarf you will ever wear. The material is a 100% natural fibre sourced from different woods so it is breathable in summer and yet will not overheat, yet warm in winter. 

DETAIL: Lightweight design, easy to carry around, rectangle shape, hand designed by a real artist. 

CLEANING: How to wash me: Wash by hand in mild detergent and dry flat, out of direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

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