Glowing Charm Kimono by the artists label Milka Rodic

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Glowing Charm Kimono - DESIGN WITH A STORY

This Silk Chiffon Kimono was designed by Milka Rodia. With the artists label attached sharing the story of the artist and their artwork, it's the perfect gift for you or your loved ones.



THE ARTIST: Milka Rodic 

ORIGIN: Serbia

I studied fashion design in Belgrade, my home and the exciting and always inspiring Serbian capital. We live in a beautiful world, and I feel lucky to have a creative venue where I can attempt to capture and reinterpret my surroundings into something new. I am moved by fashion and do my best to incorporate my work into every part of my life and produce print designs that reflect the sum of my personality.  

THE ARTWORK: Glowing Charm

Glowing Charm design is inspired by herbarium. Botanical, light and playful artwork created in order to awake nice memories. I imagined preserving the scent of spring flowers and colorful flower fields. Sophisticated and feminine, suitable for any outfit. 

LABEL: The artists label accompanies each piece sharing the story of the artist and their artwork. Complete any outfit with this beautiful wearable artwork.

FABRIC: 100% Silk Chiffon, the softest kimono you will ever wear. 

DETAIL: Lightweight design, easy to carry around, rectangle shape, hand designed by a real artist. 

CLEANING: How to wash me: Wash by hand in mild detergent and dry flat, out of direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

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