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Secrid Mini Thin Small Men's Wallet Genuine Leather Vintage Brown is the best mens wallet ever.

“Security is the heart of our products, but perhaps just as important is that they feel good and make you smile” joint founder Marianne van Ijsselt. 

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This awesome Secrid compact award-winning wallet, is a pocket sized revolution, not only can it hold up to an incredible 4-6 cards in the Cardprotector + 6 extra cards, notes, receipts, business cards or some coin, and it protects both your ID & credit cards from wireless pickpockets. 

To others amazement, with one click, your cards slide magically out of the wallet – very cool, very seductive. Casually you can pay without even opening your wallet, it’s a pleasure to use everyday.

Modern technology combines with natural materials, choose your favourite wallet from the range of coloured and textured luxury leathers. For those who often use their cards and want both their money and privacy safe, this high quality product is a must for men’s front pockets and women’s handbags. Vintage leather is a full grain aniline leather made from European cowhide. The wax in the leather has a pull-up effect. This type of leather becomes more personal with use; any scratches can be smoothed over.

Inside these wallets, cards will no longer bend or break and most importantly, cannot be secretly activated and copied. Increasingly we hear stories of how individuals have had their cards scanned by a wireless card reader, just like paypass at your supermarket checkout but a mobile version and able to read card chips meters away. You don’t even know it is happening until you realize $1,000’s have been charged to your accounts often in your neighbourhood.

This clever wallet offers you cutting edge protection.

If you still need convincing a fat wallet is not healthy for you - check this out. Once you've laughed at the Seinfield clips, have a read - enjoy.

 Here is a review and unboxing from BT Magazine (Business Travel Magazine)


Founders and Team

René van geer and Marianne van sasse van ysselt with an average age of 26 our team is young and energetic. A diverse family of 70 colleagues spread over various departments: from customer service to the warehouse, from bookkeeping to the creative studio and so on... 



Made in Holland 
By 2009 the leather industry had virtually abandoned the Netherlands in favour of low-income countries. Secrid has brought this industry back to the Netherlands. 


secrid-rfid.jpg secrid04.jpg


A new leather of Dutch origin. 
Martin Antheunisse developed a new type of leather especially for Secrid: Dutch Martin. Leather with a characteristic appearance and feel to it, developed and produced exclusively in the Netherlands. The coating is transparent and natural due to the use of wax, oil and grease. The hard carnauba wax makes the leather scratch- resistant and water-repellent. This gives it a deep, natural gloss that only improves through use. Available in Night Blue, Whiskey and Bordeaux. 



Additional Details

Manufactures warranty:
2 years
solid aluminum & luxury european quality leather
Dimensions & Weight:
65 x 102 x 21mm 72grams, 112grams in gift box


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