Woven Hand Knit Silver Bracelet BLB147S

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Measurements : Approximate length 20cm

The woven silver bracelet is made from silver and oxidized silver plate brass.

Woven contemporary mesh jewellery is the result of a long process starting with the melting of metals in clay pots to create the special wire. The fine wire is then entirely knitted by hand with simple crocheting tools following mathematical calculations to achieve the shape of each design. Finally it is silver plated and in some cases oxidized gun metal black. This intricate weaving technique was used in ancient Egypt to encase rare precious gemstones worn by royalty. When you look closely at this other worldly jewellery you realize it is a piece of art and admire the patience, sensitivity and skills involved in each unique creation. Its delicacy belays the strength of materials used; it will be a keepsake forever.

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