Tani 7/8 Womens Micro Modal Soft Leggings 89226 | Black

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Tani Clothing's Black Micro Modal 7/8 Soft Legging #B 89226 are 100% super comfortable made from breathable micro modal.  Tani Australia's 7/8 Leggings are as fine & luxuriously soft and silky as Tani's other leggings, fabulous for layering. 
  • Sits above the ankle
  • Flat elastic fit waist doesn’t dig in
  • Effortless stylish laying under dresses or skirts
  • Extremely versatile, fabulous for yoga
  • Fabric is thinner, finer and more durable than the finest silk
  • Just the right amount of firmness and stretch
  • Breathable fabric does not retain odour
  • Naturally wicking fabric keeps you dryer
  • Machine washable eco-friendly renewable material
  • Eco friendly Superfine Micro Modal Air Beech wood fibre fabric

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Tani 7/8 leggings are great for people under 160cm looking like full length or those over 160cm for wearing with open shoes or sandals exposing the ankle.

NOTE: These are not thick nylon leggings that you might wear to the gym, but fine silk like leggings for layering under dresses, skirts or long length tops.

Tani Size Guide B= Body Fit. 

Tani's luxury BodyFit© Leggings designed to be close fitting, perfect for laying. We often find customers get a BodyFit size too small for them so don't hesitate to go up a size with any BodyFit garment. It will hug you giving a more relaxed fit, contracting and stretching in all the right places. If you are an #8 then BodyFit size 10 is fine. If you are #10 then both #10 or #12 will work for you. If you are a #12 then #12 or #14 will work etc

Approx inside leg measurements
#M 7/8 Leggings = 60-62cm #L 7/8 Leggings = 61-63cm #XL 7/8 Leggings = 62-64cm #XXL 7/8 Leggings = 63-65cm

The magic in Tani fabric

washing-machine-mini.png EASY CARE

Warm gently machine washable. Best washed in a washing net bag which prolongs the garments life and also keeps washing machine lint off the surface. 

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